About pgDay Paris 2024

This year's conference is the 8th Annual pgDay Paris, in Paris, France. The conference is organized by PostgreSQL Europe, and is intended to be an important meeting and cooperation point for users both in and out of the Paris area.

pgDay Paris is a unique chance for French and European PostgreSQL users and developers to catch up, learn, build relationships, get to know each other and consolidate a real network of professionals that use and work with PostgreSQL.

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The conference covers a wide range of topics, as we expect talks ranging from internals discussions led by leading developers to end-user case-studies from small companies as well as large multinational corporations and government organizations, all who run their businesses on PostgreSQL.

…and let's not forget the all important hallway track full of caffeine infused discussions with interesting peers from the community, that will most likely spill over into local restaurants and pubs after the event finishes.

Something for everyone

Given this wide range of talks, the conference is suitable for many different audiences:

Code of Conduct

pgDay Paris has an amazing atmosphere but should any situation or question arise, please see our Code of Conduct.

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