Mission Statement

Making Everyone Feel Welcome in the PostgreSQL Community

pgDay Paris is all about making sure everyone feels included, treated fairly, and valued in the PostgreSQL community. We want people from all different backgrounds to feel like they belong and can contribute.

Being Inclusive

We think it's important that everyone's voice is heard, no matter who they are. So, at pgDay Paris, we make sure to include people from all different backgrounds. We invite speakers from lots of different places and backgrounds to share their ideas. We also work hard to make sure everyone feels welcome and comfortable at our event.

Being Fair

We know that some people face unfair barriers because of things like where they come from or how much money they have. That's why we offer scholarships and help to people who might not be able to afford to come to the conference otherwise. We also work with companies and groups that care about making things fair for everyone.

Celebrating Differences

We believe that having lots of different people with different experiences and ideas makes our community stronger. That's why we celebrate diversity at pgDay Paris. We make sure to include talks and discussions that reflect the many different backgrounds and perspectives of our community.

Our Promise

At pgDay Paris, we promise to keep working to make our event a welcoming and fair place for everyone. We'll keep listening to feedback from our community and trying new things to make sure everyone feels like they belong. We want to create a future where everyone has the chance to be part of the PostgreSQL community, no matter who they are. So come join us and be part of making pgDay Paris a place where everyone feels welcome!